Western Dairy Transport, L.L.C. - Proud Veterans

Western Dairy Transport wishes to honor and thank all our Nation’s veterans this week.  And particularly for our work family members who have served.  We have a developed database listing twenty-seven members of our team with service to our country!!!  As you are able, join us by thanking and honoring their service and sacrifices to the Greatest Country the World has ever known, the United States of America!!!

If you, or if you know of any other veteran in our work family not listed below, PLEASE let me know at your earliest convenience dashelton@wdtmilk.com!!  We do not want to miss the opportunity to show our appreciation.  

God Bless our Veterans and God Bless America!!!

David Shelton                                                                                                                                 President and Chief Executive Officer


*      Staff Sergeant Michael E. Cochie, United State Air Force, 15 years

*      Specialist James Franklin, US Army, 1998-2003

*      Specialist Clyde E Schultz, US Army, 1976-1979

*      Transportation/Combat Engineer Mark Mendenhall, MO National Guard 1981-1987

*      Staff Sergeant 101st Airborne Mike Hallmark, US Army 1971-1978

*      Morse Code Intercept Operator Sergeant Pat Barnes, US Marine Corps 1974-1978

*      United States Marine Corps, James Carman

*      Master Sergeant Bill Ramey, United States Air Force 23 years

*      Combat Operation and Intelligence Sergeant Bob Smith, US Army 1969-1971

*      Special Forces Green Beret William Joe Phillips. Specially trained to find MIA POW. Vietnam 18 Months 72-73

*      Sergeant Michael Cope, United States Army 1968-1970

*      United States Marine Corps Corporal 1977-1981, United States Air Force Tech Sergeant 1983-1999 Earl Needham

*      Security Police and Photographer Roger Killingsworth, United States Air Force 1976-1978

*      Specialist David O’Connor, US Army 1978-1984 (pic)

*      Private First Class Norman Poss, US 1987-1989

*      Specialist Ron Dillow, US Army 1979-1983 Active, 1983-1985 Inactive

*      Specialist E4 Paul Ochoa, United States Army 1970-1972

*      Lieutenant Colonel Don Bittner, United States Army, 34 years

*      E-4 Specialist Doug Butler, United States Army 1984-1988

*      E-4 Senior Airman Leroy Bragg, United States Air Force 1974

*      Desert Storm Sergeant Mike Myers, United States Army 1975-1981, 1983-1990

*      United States Navy, Rocky Davis

*      United States Army, Robert Stark

*      United States Army, Even Helmers

*      Richard Howell, US Army Vietnam

*      Specialist William Hoar, United States Army 1966-1969 Vietnam

*      Susan Hamilton (trip processor) served as a Sergeant in the United States Air Force 1984-1990.

*      John Matthews

*      Armando Delarosa

*      Jessie Ontivares

*      Eric Vogel - USAF

Western Dairy Training Academy

Looking for a new career? Western Dairy Transport is ready to help. We offer entry level training for those with a Class A CDL permit or Class A CDL with little to no experience.  Not only do we provide the training, Western Dairy Transport will pay you every step of the way and upon completion of your training offer a full time position with our company.

Over a thousand company drivers, owner-operators and contract fleet owners work every day at Western Dairy Transport to support our operations. Come see why our colleagues rank us highest in retention and career satisfaction.

Western Dairy Transport New Fleet Additions

WDT is proud to announce the purchase of 30 new 2016 579 Peterbilts. Apply today and you might find yourself trucking along in one of these sweet new Petes!


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