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Veterans Day - Honoring All Who Served

Dearest WDT Colleagues,

Today we honor all of America’s Veterans and rigorously thank them for their service in preserving our freedoms. We particularly thank Western Dairy Veterans for not only their service to our work family but also to our country.

This Veterans Day has a very special meaning to Western Dairy Transport, as we were given the honor of hauling THE WALL THAT HEALS to the heart of the Texas dairy community, Stephenville. THE WALL THAT HEALS is a three quarter sized replica of the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. that travels the nation annually, bringing the chance to those who can’t travel to D.C. an opportunity to remember and honor the names of over 58,000 American Servicemen and Servicewomen lost in the Vietnam War.

On Sunday, November 3, four of our colleagues, each representing one of the four service branches of our military, drove two of our tractors to Pooler, Georgia. From there, they brought THE WALL THAT HEALS to Texas with honor guard procession of local and state law enforcement agencies, and 78 members of the Patriot Guard Riders to Stephenville on November 5, 2019. Riding in the two trucks on the final leg of the journey from Georgia were two of our current colleagues, both who served in Vietnam during the war, Dennis Keilers and David Withers.

The coordinated efforts and planning for this special event began at least six months ago, with all details being planned by Veterans within our company to honor both the American lives lost in the Vietnam War and the Veterans in our company. This initial committee of eight Veteran members of our company is the genesis of WDT’s Veteran Advocacy Group (VETAG). The purpose of this group is to provide:

 Recognition, utilization and connection of Veterans and those who support Veterans at WDT  Development, sponsorship and support for Veteran events inside AND outside our company  A Veterans mentoring platform for new members of our company having served  Continued insight about the valuable assets and skill sets our Veterans bring to WDT

We are honored that the Western Dairy Transport family is home to nearly one hundred American Veterans. It is our VISION to be the most desired employer in all industries we serve. And our Veterans make up our very backbone.

God Bless all that have served and continue to serve. And may you know how grateful Western Dairy Transport is for your service and our many freedoms.

In God We Trust,

David S. Shelton Chief Executive Officer Western Dairy Transport, LLC

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