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Western Dairy Transport, LLC (WDT), specializes in providing reliable hauling solutions to the bulk food-grade transportation industry, catering to dairy farmers, dairy processors, and food processors. Additionally, we extend our services to the dry van soft drink and food processing sector.

Established in 1967 by J.W. Honeycutt, Jr. in Cabool, Missouri, Western Dairy Transport has evolved from its humble beginnings of operating ten milk trucks in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri to becoming the leading milk and dairy hauler nationwide. Our growth has been fueled by a commitment to meeting customer needs and solving transportation challenges, ensuring dependable service across all 48 states and Mexico.


Dependable service across
48 states and Mexico


"Innovation is our compass, and technology is our engine. Western Dairy Transport navigates the complexities of modern transportation with precision and purpose."


- David Finch, Chief Information Officer

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