Western Dairy Transport Christmas Tradition

For 13 years, our Foster Kids Christmas project has provided special meaning to our holiday season.  Coats, shoes, and warm clothes for those who need them are always a priority.  We also provide groceries for families who need extra help feeding kids during the prolonged holiday break from school.  This very fulfilling project, made possible by donations and fund raisers by WDT, WD Logistics, and Cabool Lease employees, brings home the true meaning of Christmas to all who participate.

Christmas 2016 was another heartwarming and successful group effort!  From those who gave donations, to those who spent time searching for just the right items on the kids’ wish lists, we succeeded in providing an extra special Christmas for 35 children in the Foster Care program in Texas County, Missouri. Ten of these kids belong to three single-parent families who had recently been moved into living quarters with little or no furniture or household items. New blankets, pillows, sheets, towels, dishes, pots and pans, kitchen appliances, and cleaning supplies are just some of the items we were able to provide for these families. Several employees also donated furniture and large appliances, all of which helping to transform bare rooms into homes for the kids, just in time for Christmas. 

Everyone is invited to join us in this wonderful Christmas tradition in 2017.



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