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WDT is a global logistics company that never stops moving forward, always looking for a better tomorrow. The WDT Mars Team project is part of our commitment to finding new ways to serve all those on our path.

In 2017, WDT celebrated a milestone of 50 years serving local communities. With great excitement,we used this historical marker as an opportunity to reflect and ask some thought-provoking questions of our success and our future: ‘What has brought us to this point?’ And, ‘What new challenges can we conquer?’

After taking a close look at our own heritage and studying some leading visionary companies, a team of WDT leaders began the process of envisioning new opportunities for our next 50 years. While we recognize that writing it down is just the beginning, we believe our heritage of embracing challenges and thinking of others first has served as our preparation to improve the quality of life for all those on our path and to serve our partners with even greater vigor over the next 50 years. 

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