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Leadership Development

Western Dairy Transport is dedicated to nurturing the growth of our leaders and teams. At WDT, we believe in constantly evolving and seeking new opportunities for professional and personal development. Our commitment to growth is reflected in programs such as the initiatives below.

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Mars Teams One & Two

These remarkable individuals are the ones we would entrust to embark on a journey to Mars and establish a new Western Dairy Transport if the need arose! Through their leadership, they have spearheaded establishing our Mission, Vision, Core Purpose, and Spirit Guiding Principles, laying the foundation for our organization's ethos and direction. Their initiatives have fostered a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within WDT as they constantly seek new ways to serve our communities. Championing these values and principles has propelled us forward, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to meet the evolving needs of those we serve.

Team Lead Program

Our Team Lead program is a testament to our commitment to fostering leadership within Western Dairy Transport. It was crafted to empower individuals to step into leadership roles, effectively guiding their teams toward success while embodying our core values.

This initiative wasn't imposed from the top down; instead, it was collaboratively developed with input from an internal team. By engaging employees at all levels, we ensured that the program resonated with our workforce's unique needs and aspirations. This inclusive approach kept the momentum going and fostered a sense of ownership and investment in the growth and development of the next generation of leaders within WDT.

Through a combination of mentorship, training, and hands-on experience, participants in the Team Lead program gain the skills and confidence needed to excel in their leadership roles. They learn how to effectively manage teams and projects and inspire and motivate their colleagues to achieve their full potential. By nurturing and empowering these emerging leaders, we are ensuring our organization's continued success and cultivating a culture of excellence and innovation that will propel us forward for years to come.


Purpose-Fueled Leadership Series

In purpose-fueled leadership, WDT proudly accepted the visionary leadership of Summit 27 and embarked on an unprecedented journey toward personal and professional growth. Our commitment to cultivating purpose-driven leaders transcended boundaries as we hosted a groundbreaking 12-month virtual course, open to all.

This transformative initiative wasn't just about imparting knowledge; it was about fostering a deeper understanding of our collective purpose and values. Each month, we delved into diverse business challenges, exploring topics crucial to our industry and beyond. Through engaging discussions, workshops, and real-world case studies, participants gained invaluable insights and honed their leadership skills.


But the impact didn't stop there. Drawing from the wealth of knowledge and experiences shared during the course, we integrated these learnings into our Human Capital Management System (HCMS). These insights became foundational elements of our training modules, empowering existing and new team members to navigate complex situations confidently and clearly.  Today, these tools are invaluable resources, guiding us through uncertainties and equipping us to tackle challenges head-on.

Dispatch University

Dispatch University is a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence in service at WDT. Implemented with a clear purpose, it serves as a vital tool to prepare and educate our driver managers, load planners, and dispatch team for the dynamic challenges inherent in the transportation industry. Through comprehensive training, our dispatch personnel are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to communicate effectively and collaborate seamlessly. By fostering a deeper understanding of the daily challenges faced by our driving staff, Dispatch University empowers our team to provide timely support, optimize routes, and proactively address issues, ensuring smooth operations and unparalleled service delivery.

Fred Pryor Learning Seminars

Offering a range of professional development seminars covering various topics to enhance skills and knowledge.

Ongoing Safety Training

Ensuring the safety of our team members and the communities we serve through continuous training and education.

Employee Retention and Recognition Team

A dedicated team focused on creating a positive work environment, retaining talent, and recognizing employee contributions.

We believe that investing in the growth and development of our leaders and teams benefits our organization and enriches the lives of those we serve. We would love it if you would join us on this journey of continuous improvement and advancement toward a better tomorrow!

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