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We're the nation’s largest milk and dairy hauler for a reason.

We're always hiring good people. Apply today.


We serve 48 states and Mexico. How can we help you?

As a leader in the transportation field, you can count on us to get the job done right.

Western Dairy Transport stands as the premier milk and dairy transportation provider across 48 states and Mexico. Our clientele selects us for our unwavering commitment to timely deliveries and consistent service. This trust in our reliability and performance extends to prospective employees, making us a highly sought-after employer.

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"Service is what we sell, but our values and our mission shine through our people."

-Maureen Norsworthy

As a company invested in the growth of our personnel and the good of our community, you can be proud to partner with us.

At Western Dairy Transport (WDT), we believe who we are is just as important as the services our company provides. Today, WDT serves the bulk food-grade transportation industry, comprised of dairy farmers and food processors. We take seriously the relationships we build with our partners and the core values that remind us of who we are and what is most important in the work we do everyday. Those values translate into the internal ecosphere of our company as well, where we invest time and resources into coaching our leaders, developing their character, and equipping them to advance into roles with more responsibility and reward. We believe operating with care for community, safety, integrity, and service is a commitment that serves our partners and employees well, in addition to the end user who benefits from our collaborative effort as well. 

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WDT Today

WDT, the nation's largest dairy transportation company, operates across 48 states and Mexico with 14 terminals. Our mission is to foster strong communities, develop servant leaders, and cultivate enduring relationships. We credit our industry leadership to our dedicated team members who utilize innovative technology and prioritize customer and employee relations for future success.


Our "Why"

Living out WDT's core purpose, mission, and vision means striving for excellence beyond the ordinary transportation standards. Our commitment to serving people and doing things right defines our greatness. We lead by example in the transportation industry with a focus on innovative solutions and community investment. Our passion drives us daily to approach transportation management with integrity and purpose.

Guiding Principles


Investing in people


Maintaining trust through uncompromised honesty


Driving our decisions, protecting lives


Humbly serving all those on our path

Fifty years of heritage

Our founder, J.W. “Bill” Honeycutt, Jr., is a 21st century entrepreneur with an 18th century work ethic, driven by strong family values and a commitment to relationships built on a handshake. Western Dairy Transport was founded in 1967 in Cabool, Mo. Bill used 10 milk trucks to provide friendly, reliable bulk-milk delivery service to his customers in the Ozark region of Missouri. WDT has a long history of being a customer-driven, organic-growth company. We are extremely proud of our heritage, rely on it as our compass, and believe the life story of our company has only just begun.

Our heritage is yesterday walking side-by-side with today, planning for tomorrow. We are more than the sum of our trucks and trailers. We are purpose-fueled and community-driven. 

Want to learn to drive?
We can help with that.

Team members who are graduates of the Western Dairy Transport Driver Training Academy are among the best trained in the nation. Our innovative hands-on driver training program is one of many reasons our retention rate exceeds the industry average by more than 70%.



With any questions, please call: (800) 469-7714 or fill out the following form.

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Corporate Office

P.O. Box 590

Cabool, Missouri 65689

Tel: (800) 469-7714


To apply for a driving position with Western Dairy Transport, please click here to fill out our online application.

Check out our "Careers" tab to apply for open driving, non-driving, and apprenticeship positions.

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