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Get Ready to Make History this President's Day with Our 50/50 Raffle!

Join the Cabool WDT Community Involvement Committee in celebrating President's Day with a bang! We're kicking off our fundraising efforts with a 50/50 raffle that promises a payout AND a dash of presidential flair!

Here's the scoop:

*The raffle begins on President's Day, making it the perfect time to channel your inner commander-in-chief and support our committees' initiatives!

*Two lucky winners will be drawn, each with the chance to claim either half of the total proceeds from ticket sales or a fantastic set of cornhole boards! It's a win-win, just like a bipartisan agreement!

*With your participation, we'll inject a surge of support and philanthropy into our community!

Don't miss your shot at making history and potentially winning big! Grab your raffle tickets starting this President's Day, and let's lead our community toward greatness, one ticket at a time.

 Raffle Ticket Details:

  • Price per ticket: $5 each or 5 for $20

  • Date of the draw: March 15th at 3 PM

  • Location: WDT Central Dispatch Office - Cabool, MO

  • Tickets are available for purchase from a WDT CIC Member from President's Day through March 14th.

Join us in honoring our nation's leaders while supporting our local community. Thank you for your patriotic spirit and unwavering support!

For more information, contact Tessa Taylor, Committee Chair.

Let's make President's Day one to remember with our 50/50 raffle extravaganza! Together, we'll raise the flag of community pride high and make a lasting impact. 


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