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When our late Chairman and Founder, J.W. "Mr. Bill" Honeycutt founded our company in 1967, he was then an already highly regarded, successful businessman in his community. His Honeycutt Chevrolet / GM auto dealership was a well-known, thriving fixture in Southern Missouri. When a local dairy marketing cooperative proposed an opportunity to haul their milk, Mr. Bill accepted their offer with one purpose, to secure jobs for members of his hometown and community.

Over the years, Mr. Bill passed on countless opportunities to sell the business, citing the single most important reason was to continue providing for his employees. Mr. Bill was vocal in sharing this reason: "It's not just about our people; it's about our people and their people." This was his purpose.

And fifty-seven years later, our Core Purpose could never be more focused.... "We exist to enrich and grow people, families, and communities." As we continually refine and enhance our business processes, we are doing so to ensure the company's ability to provide for our people, and our people's people, for another fifty-seven years.

Thank you for all you do in fulfilling our Core Purpose and the continued success of Western Dairy Transport.


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