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We Want to Hear From YOU!

Howdy WDT Drivers!

In an effort to continually improve our company, our vision is to be the most desired employer and service provider in all industries we serve. In all things we do, we strive to make Western Dairy Transport be THE employer of choice for professional drivers in the dairy industry. And understanding your daily challenges, concerns, and perceptions of our company is very important.

As such, WDT has hired a consulting company named SUMMIT 27, to conduct personal interviews with as many of you as possible. Our goal is to listen and learn about anything you wish to discuss in your employment experience with Western Dairy Transport. We believe that using a consultant will distance us enough that you will freely and willfully provide the valuable feedback we are seeking.

Next week, members from SUMMIT will be at many of our operating locations talking to drivers and obtaining feedback. This feedback will be used to help make our company the continued employer of choice with the highest level of driver satisfaction in the dairy industry. Please feel free to openly discuss your experience with WDT, good and bad. Any and all of your information sharing with SUMMIT will remain completely anonymous.

Thank you for everything you do every day to make Western Dairy Transport the most desired service provider in the dairy industry. And thank you for your valuable feedback. If you are unable to speak to a member of our consulting group but wish to provide any information about your employment experience with WDT, please send an email to

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