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A Few Words on Sustainability

Sustainability became a commonplace corporate buzzword several decades ago. Companies around the globe began acknowledging the need to protect the world’s environmental resources, preserving them for future generations. The sustainability movement has since become a very critical component of corporate strategies, as customers and consumers demand responsible business practices from producers and the supply chain.

We have a very rich and storied commitment to environmental sustainability at Western Dairy Transport. Our significant investments in alternative power trains, such as compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors and diesel-electric hybrid power units, demonstrate our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas and NOx emissions. We intentionally design and construct our CIP equipment to conserve water usage, a very important practice in the arid regions of the country where we operate. And finally, as we have designed and built our newer facilities, much input and thought was built into them from architects and engineers to conserve energy.

You will continue to hear about these efforts, and more in the future, as environmental responsibility is threaded into the fabric of everyone’s role at Western Dairy Transport.

David Shelton, President & CEO


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