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We love sharing more about our team members with you, meet Ryan!

Ryan will soon graduate from Texas A&M with a Bachelor's Degree in Ag Economics and a 4.0 GPA! Before returning for his Master's, he will spend the summer in the WDT Apprentice Program. Having been raised on a dairy farm in Pittsburg, TX, Ryan is familiar with the dairy industry. Now, we are thankful to provide him with experiences that showcase how milk gets transported from the farm tank to our tanker and beyond.

Ryan spent his first two days learning the complexities of dispatch, farm and haul-off scheduling, maintenance and wash bay operations, and how we keep the trucks and trailers rolling! Thanks to Stephenville, TX driver William Miller, Ryan was also able to watch a live loading process and see how samples are pulled and that BIG tanker is sealed and ready to be transported to the receiver. We're excited for him to continue learning this summer and understand our commitment to the exceptional customer service Western Dairy provides daily!


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