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Clifford Weible - Employee Spotlight

This months employee spotlight is

Clifford Weible!

Clifford is a professional driver out of our Stephenville terminal. He has been a part of the Western Dairy team since October 2012. Clifford spends his days loading at our dairies in Texas and delivering those loads to Dallas, Houston, and even San Antonio.

What is your favorite part about working at WDT?

The drivers, getting the chance to interact with others and hear their story.

Looking at Mikey Babkowski and laughing

Favorite Hobby

Working cattle/ ranch things and the wife's to-do list

Favorite Sports Team

Dallas Cowboys

Favorite Quote

"Oh Honey, It's William Devane!" - Wife Sheran Weible


Clifford has a 2nd-degree black belt.

When Clifford is not in the truck, he likes to spend his time with his wife, Sheran, participating in the local Civil War festivities. Sheran makes 1860's style dresses while Clifford plays the part of an Officer in the War while getting to shoot muzzle loaders

and cannons.

Clifford is a friendly guy and loves to chat. Thank you for your years of service at WDT!

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