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Dispatch University

At Western Dairy Transport, our professional development programs are created with our core purpose in mind, ‘to enrich and grow people, families and communities’. Driving our decisions to continually invest in our people, WDT’s professional development initiative for 2019 was positioned on dispatch and supervisory skill enrichment. Using the framework developed by leadership authority and longtime service partner, Summit27, a training curriculum was formulated with components in professionalism, servant leadership, customer service, and attention management.

During March, ‘Dispatch University’ training was held at five separate locations throughout WDT’s operating regions, El Paso, Stephenville, Lubbock, Clovis and Cabool. Eleven individual training sessions were held by presenters from Summit27 for a six-hour course. One hundred and thirty-six colleagues of WDT successfully completed the training and were awarded certificates for their efforts.

The main catalyst of this year’s WDT professional development was centered on comments and suggestions from WDT’s vehicle operators through personal interviews and the company’s award winning program ‘WDT Drive for Gold’. Responding to drivers changing needs and environments, the Dispatch University program was built to foster a formalized training program for dispatchers and supervisors to better assist and equip the company’s backbone, OUR DRIVERS.

Congratulations to all the distinguished graduates of WDT Dispatch University. And more so, THANK YOU VEHICLE OPERATORS for helping identify needs within the company to help assist you in your daily mission.

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