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An Update From Our President

April 28, 2020

Dear Colleagues!!

Just a little more than a month has passed since the outbreak of the pandemic COVID19 changed our world, seemingly overnight. We have traversed many miles and situations since last month and I am encouraged to report to you on how we are doing.

  • Our March 2020 production of mileage and shipments were actually UP from March of 2019. April 2020 is tracking at least equivalent to April 2019, and possibly stronger. Demand from dairy consumers at home has trended positive and shows continued signs of strengthening; which is what drives our business.

  • To protect our vital workforce hauling milk and serving our drivers, we have distributed over 2,500 face masks and countless other pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE). We have more than doubled, and in most cases, tripled our sanitation efforts on the fleet to protect our employees. Over 3,000 gallons of surface disinfectant and tens of thousands of ounces of hand sanitizer have been distributed to our drivers and facilities companywide. We continue to overly emphasize cleaning and sanitation at our facilities and trucks in the fleet.

  • Of the near 1,000 employees in our work family, who are connected to an estimated additional 2,500 family members, we have only experienced ONE confirmed positive case of Coronavirus among our ranks. This individual works in a very remote and isolated facility where no other contact with any other employee exists. This individual is in non-critical care at this time and is expected to make a full recovery.

As our country begins the process of re-opening our economy, we expect shipments to only increase which will undoubtedly continue to provide more opportunities for our company.

In this time of concern, I wanted to reach out to each of you and vigorously thank you for your individual efforts for the success of Western Dairy Transport. What you are doing matters most in our efforts to feed our country and keep things rolling during the pandemic crisis.

With sincerest appreciation and gratitude,

David Shelton

President and Chief Executive Officer

Western Dairy Transport, LLC

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