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Driver of the Year Finalist - Danny Johnston

Danny was born in Gorman, Texas, but his family lived in the neighboring town of Gustine, where he grew up. In this tight-knit community, he learned the values of hard work, integrity, and gratitude. Nearly four decades ago, Danny embarked on a life-changing journey when he married his beloved wife, Monique, affectionately known as Nique. Their union has blessed them with two children and six cherished grandchildren, motivating Danny to excel in his career and provide for his loved ones.

Danny's career in the world of dairy transportation began with AMPI, and he continued his journey as the company underwent name changes. However, it was with Western Dairy Transport that Danny found his true calling. Over the course of 33 years with the company, he has encountered incredible people, including dairymen and their families, who have left a lasting impact on his life. Danny considers himself fortunate to have picked up milk from some of the finest dairymen in the business.

What sets Danny apart is his motivation, which comes from a deep-seated love for his job. His advice is simple yet profound: "Get up every day, be thankful for the job you have, love what you do, and ALWAYS thank The Lord for your safe travels." This attitude has not only ensured his own safety on the road but has also made him an exceptional ambassador for his company. His achievements behind the wheel are nothing short of remarkable. He has driven over 3 million safe miles during his career, and being named a finalist for Driver of the Year is a well-deserved acknowledgment of his outstanding contributions to Western Dairy Transport. Yet, in typical Danny fashion, he remains grateful and humble, acknowledging that there are countless other deserving drivers in the industry.

Danny doesn't just excel as a driver; he also excels as a mentor and trainer for other Western Dairy Transport drivers. He's known for his willingness to assist motorists in need, whether changing a flat tire or offering help at the scene of a traffic accident. His commitment to service extends beyond the daily grind. Being a truck driver has been more than just a job for Danny – it's a calling. He values the steady nature of the work, the essential role of dairy products, and the honesty of a hard day's labor. Modern trucks and equipment efficiency have only enhanced his passion for the road. Danny wouldn't trade his job for anything in the world, as it allows him to provide for his family while doing work that genuinely matters.

Danny Johnston's life and career remind us all that a career can be much more than just a means of livelihood; it can be a lifelong mission filled with gratitude, service, and love for what you do. Please join us as we congratulate Danny for being recognized as a finalist for the Driver of the Year Award.


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