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FMCSA Administrator, Robin Hutcheson

Kenneth Bratton, Mike Babkowski, Corbin Jeffs, and John Traweek had the opportunity to meet with the Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Robin Hutcheson, and her colleagues at the WDT drop yard located at Oak Farms Dairy, Dallas, TX.

With a previously strong background in transportation, Robin became the deputy secretary of transportation for safety policy in the United States Department of Transportation in 2021. She was then nominated by President Joe Biden in April 2022 as acting administrator of the FMCSA and confirmed by the United States Senate on September 22, 2022.

Representatives of WDT reviewed our business structure, Phase I and II training platforms, SMART system training, and the benefits of simulator training for drivers entering the industry and continuing to build skills. Robin then had the opportunity to deepen the discussion topics with our team relating to her role as FMCSA administrator. She was interested in our pay structure (hourly vs. regional pay per mile), industry demands and retention time at dairies, the WDT Apprentice program, growing the professional driving career path, WDT training academies, our strategically placed drop yards, hiring challenges, the investments in new truck technology, and our continued commitment to safety and culture as it relates to adding value to equipment, training, and keeping Americans safe on the roadways.

Western Dairy Transport was honored to be selected as the transportation company of choice to demonstrate how we can positively affect legislation with our decisions as a business and employer. In a recent survey completed by CCJ, drivers stated that something they dislike about their careers as a driver are regulations that make it harder to work and make a living. Unfortunately, this is something that fleet employers can do little about. But as the industry continues to evolve and grow, educating and communicating with policy decision-makers allows us to impact the industry perspectives in a beneficial way.


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