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Western Dairy Transport Driver of the Year - Nomination and Selection Process

The Western Dairy Transport Driver of the Year award is a prestigious recognition, and we take great pride in celebrating our drivers' exceptional talent and dedication. This award is a part of our commitment to promoting excellence in the dairy transport sector and ensuring that the most outstanding individuals receive the recognition they deserve. The top three finalists from the Gold Standard Driver Awards in the categories of OTR/Regional, Shuttle/Haul-Off, and Loader driver have now been selected, and the top driver from each category will be chosen for our 2023 Driver of the Year Awards.

The connection between the Gold Standard Driver Award and the Western Dairy Transport Driver of the Year Award is that our Driver of the Year finalists are exclusively chosen from the pool of Gold Standard Driver Award nominees. This ensures that our Driver of the Year recipients are truly the best of the best.

We are proud to say that this process allows us to recognize our drivers' outstanding efforts and dedication, ultimately motivating all our team members to strive for excellence. By celebrating our top performers, we believe the gold standard has been set for all our drivers to follow.

Thank you for your interest and support in our commitment to excellence. We are excited to celebrate our drivers' achievements and continue raising the bar for industry standards. In the coming weeks, we will highlight the careers and achievements of our nine Driver of the Year finalists!

Best regards, David S Shelton

President and CEO


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